About Us

Locally owned and operated business. LgO Services business owner has 25 years experience in Air Conditioning Systems and 15 years experience in Energy Efficiency Audits. Having worked for such businesses as Levis Straus and Company and CPS Energy Audit Department, LgO Services decided to utilize his combined expertise in order to address some of the ongoing concerns that he saw from the customers he served.

The Mission at LgO Services is to provide help to our San Antonio customers and HVAC Contractors regarding how to save energy and how to provide efficiency conservation.

The Vision for LgO Services is Going beyond High Performance and Ensuring Efficient Use of Energy in commercial and residential. We believe in responding to consumer demands for more energy efficient, comfortable homes and commercial buildings. Today, it is no longer enough to add a few energy efficiency products to your home or building. Today’s consumers are also concerned about indoor air quality, as well as comfort and low fuel bills.

"When I test the performance of a home or commercial building, my goal is to ensure that the owner will enjoy a safe, comfortable, and energy efficient home or building.” -- Luis Ortiz

About the Owner

Luis Ortiz

Luis is the Owner of LgO Services, LLC has 31 years’ experience - Residential and Commercial HVAC. Certified by National Comfort Institute HVAC diagnostics for both air flow and combustion related topics. Over 19 years’ experience in Energy Efficiency Audits. Certified RESNET HERS Rater, SECO State Energy Conservation Office and TEXAS H.E.R.O. Comprehensive Energy Home Energy Auditor. In Luis’s spare time, he enjoys spending time with family and golfing.