Static Pressure Test

The Importance of Having this Test
Measuring static pressure is a quick test that can help you evaluate an existing duct system and its installation conditions. Across the country this very day, equipment is unknowingly installed on drastically undersized duct systems that hinder them from operating to their full potential. By properly utilizing static pressure testing, you can uncover problems associated with this type of installation that are invisible to your competition. You will find that once you begin to measure static pressure that there are more messed up duct systems than you will ever be able to correct.

Test Proceduces
Static pressure testing normally requires five steps to complete:

  1. Identify the locations we plan on drilling your test holes;
  2. Drill test holes in the equipment and/or duct system;
  3. Take the needed static pressure readings;
  4. Determine total external static pressure and system pressure drops;
  5. Compare your pressure readings to manufacturer’s pressure ratings or look for the component that has the highest pressure drop to identify potential problems.

What we Provide

Measuring the pressure drop over the indoor coil of an HVAC system is performed in a manner that is similar to measuring the pressure drop of an air filter. Many service technicians will not perform this test as they are afraid of the methods involved with obtaining the readings since it involves drilling test holes in the equipment in certain instances. Most equipment manufacturers unintentionally put holes in their equipment, so these can be utilized for pressure testing if you know where they are.

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